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Post  katrina on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:34 pm

Hello,Andrew.Helo,Sonya. Hi,everyone.
I'm very honored to take this opportunity to intruduce myself. Here we go.
My name is Li Yuewen.You can call me Jorney.That is my English name. I'm a graduated highschool student from Ma'anshan city Anhui Province.
In my hometown we have a giantic combine called Masteel. Maybe you know it.
Reviewing my highschool year I'm a considered as a extravent girl and open-minded.After three year of highshool life. I can't wait to start a brand new college life . When I was a freshman. I was thought that highschool is a preparation for you to enter university.Highschool is a place where you start to learn stuff and highschool is a ladder with which you can reach the sweetest fruist called university.
That's ok.
Good luck!


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