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Introduce yourself! Empty Introduce yourself!

Post  Sonya on Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:27 pm

Hello and welcome to the Tsinghua Nottingham Foundation forum.

Please use this thread to tell everyone a little about yourself: your interests, ambitions, what you want to go on and study...

I'll start Smile

I'm Sonya, I grew up in London and Beijing, and studied English literature at the University of Edinburgh. Since graduating, I've taught English in Prague before coming here to Tsinghua.

Apart from reading, I love painting, juggling and playing the ukulele, although sadly I don't do the last two very well...

I'll be teaching your Speaking classes on Fridays from 8 or 9.50am - see you there!

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Introduce yourself! Empty Self introduction

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:02 pm

Hi Sonya and hi everyone!

It was nice to meet you all yesterday and I'm looking forward to teaching you academic speaking and British Culture this year. Don't worry if you found it hard to understand every word I said in class. You will get used to my accent and your listening skills will improve a lot this year, as long as you keep practising!

A little bit about myself:

I originally come from London but I've travelled a lot. I've taught at Tsinghua for 3 semesters. Before that I studied modern languages at Cambridge Unviersity, specialising in Italian and German literature. As a student, during my summer holidays, I taught English in Cambridge and in Italy. I'm currently doing a post-graduate degree at Nottingham University in linguistics, focusing on teaching English for academic purposes. Apart from your foundation classes, I also teach British culture and European literature to Tsinghua undergraduates.

Outside of teaching and research, when I have free time, I enjoy sports (especially basketball, football and tennis) and music (I play a bit of guitar). My favorite football team is Tottenham Hotspur, a team from London.

Keep the introductions coming Smile



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Introduce yourself! Empty Jiang Xinzhi in Class 2

Post  JIANG Xinzhi on Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:27 am

Hello Sonya! Hello Andrew! Hello everyone!

My name is Jiang Xinzhi. Yesterday I gave myself an English name, Rorotea. My English name comes from the Tahitian, it means 'blissful rain'.
I'm 19 years old. I was born in December, but I don't like winter. Because the south winter is specially cold therefore must put on the very heavy clothes.
I am an art student from Zhejiang Province. I started painting three year ago, I like drawing. Also, I have other hobbies, for example, photography, listening to music, playing badminton and so on.
I want to go to The University of Nottingham study the Architectural design. I like this course.
Welcome to make friends with me.
My msn,
My QQ, 11321599

Last, I wish that we can cherish this year and acquire a good knowledge of English by careful study.
I hope our dreams come true!

Thank you!

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JIANG Xinzhi

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Introduce yourself! Empty alicia pan

Post  Alicia on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:26 pm

Hello everyone, i am Pan yizhu, you can call me alicia. I'm from class 1.
I'm very happy we can study toghter. My hometown is changchun. flower I'm from HIGH SCHOOL ATTACHED TO NORTHEAST NORMAL UNIVERSITY.
I like wacthing movies,going shopping and listening to the music.My favorite singer is Alicia Keys,that is why I choose ''alicia'' be my English name.I hope we will have a good time.
I am very happy to make friends with you.Let's struggle toghter to go to NOTTINGHAM.
Here are some informations:
QQ: 609090106

Goodbye,have a weet dream.


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Introduce yourself! Empty Re: Introduce yourself!

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