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Post  !Tracy on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:49 pm

Good evening andrew,My chinese name is ChenZhuo.I come from QingHuangDao HeiBei Province.My hometwon is famous for travelling.It is very nice there.If you go there in the future,you can call me.I will take you to the seaside and you can enjoy seafood here.all in all,QHD is a good place for summer holiday.Do you agree with me?
Now please allow me to introduce myself .I am a outgoing boy.I am glad to become your student.I have a great many hobies.I like playing basketball,watching football match,listening to the music and so on.I think i am grow-up.I am not too young too naive ang more.So I will try my best studying hard in not only Tsinghua university but also in UK.This is a important opptunity for me.At last I hope I can become your friend not only your student.
Have a good evening and a good dream this night.


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