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Post  crystal on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:16 pm

My name is Fu Yuan , I am from Yantai,which is a charming coastal city. My hobby is reading and walking around,as well as making friends.In the future, my favourite speciality is pharmacy. My father is a professor teach pharmacology.He had told me the pharmacy of Nottingham was famous in the world before I came. Besides ,I am the person who would like to choose the best things.By the way , I have studied science in senior school for three years , and I am interested in biology .
During this week ,I am moved by our teachers ' attitude ,and all of our teachers are putting their hearts on us .So I am sure I have chosen the best choice for myself. In the end ,I can believe that I could realize my dream with teachers help as well as my hard work. Thank you!


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