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Post  *ALEX on Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:14 pm

Hi everyone ! I’m Alex Yang . Everyone can call me Alex .
I’m from Nanning , the provincial capital of Guangxi ,
In my home town, there’s something very famous . Where ever you come from ,if you come to my home town ,you have to try some rice-flour noodles , trust me , you will never forget it , it taste very delicious.
I have many hobbies , if you like to play football you have to let me know . Because I’m very lonely , as I know , in our class nobody like to play it ,they all like basketball . And I like reading , reading everything about history and classical novel . By the way , I’m a movie fan , if you like movie too , maybe we can go to theater together (you’d better be a girl….forget it, just a joke)
In the end,I want to say something to every classmate.I hope everybody can make the dream come true . let’s work hard for our dream together . WE CAN MAKE IT !!!
            written by Alex


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