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Post  Hibiscu. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:22 pm

hi! Sonya
I am very gald to see you .And I am so happy we can meet in this way at this moment . Frist ,let me introduce myself!my name is Hibiscus.(李春槿) I come from yun nan .the city of spring.---kunming. This is a beat ifull place. The wheather like kunming is warm throughout the year . neither too cold nor too hot..
Not only the wheather is fina but also the food is rich. For example:mixian 、teas、fruits、and so on . May be you also know there are all kinds of flowers and animals in yunnan. I will going to say that many scenery is worth to you visit. Weclome to my hometown. I like seeing movies .poem .Sometimes I see movies alone on Sundays. Hope that we will make a goodfirends


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