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Nancy in class 2 Empty Nancy in class 2

Post  Elaine on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:01 pm

My name is Liu Tianchan, and my English name is Nancy.I'm a little girl whose age is 18.I

come from Wuhan.I love my hometown.For the reason that the people here are friendly.What's

more,there are my parents and friends.The sceneries here are beautiful.You can see many trees and flowers.
As is known to all Wuhan has many special snacks.For example Re Garmian.
My family is made up of three members.My mother, my father and I.I love my family.It gives

me a warm place to relax.
I'm fond of playing the piano,reading and listening to the music.I like making friends with

This is my brief introduction.Thanks


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