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Post  JennyL on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:39 am

So happy to meet you guys! Very Happy
My Chinese name is Li Yajing.I'm from a beautiful city Qingdao Shandong.I was born in 1991 and I'm the only child in my family.I'm so interested in cooking and I can make a wanderful meal.If you want to try,I'll welcome you ``And sometimes I like to listen to music and play computer games.But sometimes I like a quite environment so I can do someting I want in silence``I prefer there are a lot of friends in my life.So I'll be so happy if you want to make friends with me.
Then I'll give you some information about Qingdao.
You know Qingdao is a clean city,because there are no bicycles and motobikes but cars in the streets.Thanks to the fresh sea wind,it's not too cold and too hot in Qingdao.What a comfortable enviroment.It's a good place you can try to live in.And you can eat the most fresh and the most delicous seafood there.Due to the nice enviroment and the seafood,there are lots of tourists every year.If you want to play,there are also many beaches.You can play with sand,swim and so on.
Above all,so nice to meet you and welcome to Qingdao!


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