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Post  James on Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:40 pm

Hi sonya,my English name is Chinese name is Huang Xin.I'm very glad to make friend with you!
I was born in Augest 27th 1990,China ,Peking.There are five people in my family:my parents ,my
grandparents and me!It's known for you that every family have only one child!so I have no brothes
and sisters in my family! Crying or Very sad What a bad thing!But I have many corsons,who always take care of
me! Smile
To be a student who enjoyed my life everyday,I have many hobbies.Such as collecting Chinese stamps in 1980s,collecting socialism coins and notes.......I have many stories on collecting old things in antique shops,I hope I can share them with you! Very Happy
My biggest dream is earning lots of money to travell around the world!My future career is being
a historian in Peking University !But now,It's a important thing for me studying hard to past the exam of entering Nottingham university!I hope all my friends and my teachers can give me a hand on my study when I was in the trouble of English study!
Thank you!
Your friend


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